Associate Degree

Studying Associate Degree

Associate degrees are provided by Higher Vocational Schools (Meslek Yüksek Okulları). As the name implies, the curriculum at these schools has a strong vocational emphasis.


While most state universities maintain these vocational schools, there are also several higher vocational schools, with flexible entry requirements, run by foundation universities. There are currently 8 such higher vocational schools attached to foundation universities.

One of the major aims of Higher Vocational Schools is to translate students’ theoretical knowledge into practical skills and experience. Thus, the theories and empirical knowledge acquired by students in any particular subject are directly applied and put into real-life practice. In addition, many of these institutions have partnership agreements and protocols with leading businesses and industries. In this way, students are better equipped with the knowledge and skills currently required by employers and the market.

Here are some popular fields of study:

• Foreign Trade
• Logistics and Transportation
• Computer Technology and Programming
• Graphic Design
• Fashion Design
• Commerce and Administration
• Accounting and Taxation
• Translation and Interpretation
• Tourism
• Culinary Arts

Students who aspire to continue their training and earn a bachelor’s degree after their associate degree may do so at a higher educational institution in Turkey or abroad.


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