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Who We Are

Idea Consultants is a International Education Consultancy engaging in student recruitment business for Turkey and Cyprus with specialization in services to recruit students for Turkish and Cyprus institutes. Founder and Managing Director Mr. Muhammad Jasim and his team has been active since last year in students recruitment and visa assistance as well as communicating with institutes  high schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan and inviting them to have teachers and students exchange programs and encouraging to sign MOU with international educational institutes to achieve diversity. We have successfully brought the concept of study in abroad to the doorstep of every aspiring student, by making it more affordable and easily accessible without any cumbersome procedures.

“An idea for Bright Future”

Main Services:                                                          

  • Idea Consultants counselors tailor your ways to best academic designs based on the interests, strengths and weaknesses, global economic and market trends and growth opportunity for students.
  • We strive to provide a portfolio of related institutes fit the needs and interest of the students. It assists in finalizing a unique match of institute, program and course with the requirement of the student.
  • Application processes always hard for students, Idea Consultants counselors are best equipped with knowledge on latest university policies and eligibility criteria make ensure swift admission process through close collaboration with the institutions on application processes of students to avoid unnecessary delays in the admission process.
  • Idea Consultants counselors and professionals are well informed and expert about latest visa rules and policies applicable to student visa requirements. Further details for Student visa Click here
  • Our connection with students and their parents or guardian end up more grounded when we adequately give them pre flight introductions and manage post landing matters alongside helping them in their entire academic period in a international institute.
  • Not charging any consultancy fee from the students.

Satisfied students and parents is our strengths and focus on long term relationship.